Unleash Your Full Power

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Tired of self-help books that promise to give you the secret of success but don't deliver? This book tells you why some of the techniques taught by those books do not work, and what you should do to unleash your full power and get to where you want to be.

This book has two sections:

1. The first section introduces the idea that you have a tremendous amount of power and that your power is limited only by your imagination. How you use this imagination can in turn shape how the neurons in your brain are connected to one another. That in turn impacts what you can achieve. This section also discuss how these concepts are supported by the current scientific literature.

2. The second section is the practical portion. It provides dozens of tips you can use to realize this untapped power. This section address the topics of how to take control of your thoughts, how to set the right goals, the importance of visualization and how to do it, and finally how to stimulate yourself to start taking action.

Unleash Your Full Power: A Practical Guide To Gain A Positive Thinking Mindset And Achieve Success is available in the Amazon Kindle Store.


Teyu C Lee has a lifelong love for science and history, and he is particularly interested in how these two disciplines can have an impact on our everyday life. In between his work in marketing, teaching, and running websites, he also writes. His specialty is to take long essays/articles/books and condense them into digestible bits. He currently lives in Cupertino, California.

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